22 Sep 2003, 04:54

This has been one of

This has been one of the more entertaining weekends I’ve had in a while. Friday night Jolayne and I went down to The Beast haunted house and I screamed like a little girl. I’d never really been to any kind of haunted house before and always thought they were a little lame, but this was a lot of fun. It took up an entire four story warehouse and was pretty elaborate over all. On Saturday we headed down to the Plaza Art Fair to check out some really cool (and a lot of really expensive) art. Saw some good stuff there, but nothing that I could really justify forking over a chunk of cash for. I’m such a philistine. Then to round out a day full of culture we made it the Unicorn Theatre just in time to see their performance of the play “Lobby Hero”, which was very enjoyable. I’ve never really been into theatre too much but the play was fairly humorous at times and well acted also, so it was a good time.