15 Sep 2003, 06:20

Wow, where did the last

Wow, where did the last month go? It’s just flown by, I think in a large part due to the fact that Jolayne is out here now! She’s been here since the middle of August and that’s been really, really great She’s staying with her aunt and uncle on the other side of town, but that’s much much better than 700 miles away. About a week after she came out, we went over to St. Louis to see Radiohead, which was awesome even though we were about 20 miles away in the lawn seating. My parents came out to visit for the first time the week after that, but other than that I’ve pretty much just been working a lot. Oh yeah, and then there was the cat that I had for about 3 days. Jolayne found a cat that had been abandoned in a cardboard animal carrier and it stayed at my place while we tried to find it a shelter that wouldn’t put it to sleep eventually. The thing was, the cat liked Jolayne but would always hiss at me so I was pretty glad when we found him a temporary home at the Friends of Liberty Animal Shelter. We were relieved to find a “no-kill” shelter that would take cats since most were too full. So yeah, that pretty much brings everything up to date.