05 Aug 2003, 03:52

“But we do ourselves a

“But we do ourselves a disservice by fixating on current income structures and not thinking about future possibilities premised on amazing technological advances, especially when the rights at issue concern the flows of ideas, something fundamental to free societies.”

Jonathan Zittrain

(via Neal [thanks a lot man, I got in to work later than I’d wanted to today because I just had to finish reading this.])

Great article on the intractable state copyright law seems to currently be in. I know I’ve harped on it repeatedly before, but this quote elegantly sums up the problem I have with the ways our laws are being mangled to preserve existing revenue sources. Available technology should drive business models, not the other way around. Also, I’d never thought about it before but given the kludged together state of copyright law, I’m not even sure if providing a quote from the article in this matter constitutes fair use.