03 Jun 2003, 05:17

In the interest of making

In the interest of making up for lost time, here’s some completely spastic geeking out action: Sweet fancy Moses, do I love my phone!!! While I’m less than thrilled with Sprint’s apparent viewpoint that every single app, image, or ringer on my phone should be purchased through them, 3GUpload lets me get my own files onto my phone, which is the way things should be. Other websites are coming up with fun stuff to do with Internet enabled phones too. Today I just found that the online guide for Lawrence, KS (lawrence.com, go figure) will send a text message reminder for upcoming events, such as concerts, concerts, and well, ok mostly just concerts. Now that, I like. Since I still don’t know where some of the venues are, it’s nice that MapQuest can send directions to cell phones. On the other hand something that’s much better in theory than practice is AIM via cell phone. It’s nice to say I can do it, but not really useful for anything beyond that.