14 Oct 2001, 05:35

I really need to learn

I really need to learn that when anyone says: “Come on over, we’re going to the movies but we don’t know which one yet” that I need to not go. It was my failure to realize this that resulted in my unfortunate viewing of Seredipity tonight, and Joy Ride last weekend. To be entirely fair, Joy Ride wasn’t really as bad as I was expecting thanks to the contributions of one Steve Zahn though I have yet to see him in a role as good as in Safe Men. Seredipity, on the other hand, was a complete waste of time. Bleh. It would have been bad enough on its own merits, but the inclusion of Molly Shannon really served to amp up the suckage. Amazingly, she managed to carry over parts of her unforgivably annoying SNL characters into this film role. I guess no one had the heart to tell her that not only is she not funny, but also gratingly annoying every moment she’s on screen. I hearby nominate myself for the job.