12 Oct 2001, 23:27

Disturbing Search Requests is an

Disturbing Search Requests is an interesting site if a little, well, disturbing. The basic idea is that whenever a blogger gets a hit on their page from a search query that has nothing at all to do with their page they can post it here for a laugh. The search requests tend fall into the categories of mystifying, horrifying, and bemusing. More often than not the hit is the result of the searched words appearing randomly in the pages and pages of weblog text, entirely out of the context that the searcher intended. As a result, a search for “hot teen goats” leads someone to a random innocent blogger. Personally, I enjoy the irony that many of the people are searching out of voyeurism and instead are becoming the victims of a sort of indirect reflexive voyeurism. Their search request is now on display for whoever wants to see it. Of course not all the searches are for porn, and some of them are just genuinely baffling. By including “hot teen goats” in my post, I’ve practically guaranteed myself a few disturbing search requests. I’ll just add a few more things and see what I get: naked girl Britney squirrel porn! Next time Google picks up my page, I’ll see who drifts by. I have a feeling its going to make me feel icky.