22 Nov 2002, 04:00

Ok, I know things have

Ok, I know things have been a little slow around here for a while. That’s due mostly to the fact that my life has been anything but slow for the past few weeks. In the past month, I’ve had about 8 job interviews, all through the OSU engineering career services. Thank goodness for them. I’ve still got nothing definite, but I did manage to get at least one second interview so far. It’s with the health care company Cerner, but the catch is, it’s in Kansas City. I fly out there in the beginning of December to see their campus and interview, so I won’t really know what I think about it until then. I’m a little worried that once I get out there, I’ll find out that the position wouldn’t even be available until next summer though. That’s already happened to me during several interviews. It seems a lot of companies interviewing through the career services center assume that everyone they interview is graduating the next spring. I can’t really wait that long. I need to get out of this CompUSA nonsense, right now.