14 Nov 2002, 05:43

Who needs sleep? Today we

Who needs sleep? Today we started carrying Bawl’s Guarana Soda at CompUSA. We got in 75 cases full of wakey-wakey. Naturally, I had to pick up a case for myself and I downed a bottle at work. Bad idea. It was certainly stimulating, but the downside was that all the caffiene energy made it seem like time was passing at a crawl. Nanoseconds dragged by as I stared at the clock on my register. Time never really flies at CompUSA though, so maybe I can’t blame the soda too much. The verdict: Perfect for staying up for GTA: Vice City, less so for passing time at someplace you’d rather not be. It doesn’t hurt that they managed to score the best product marketing tie-in of all time with the “Grab your Bawls and Run Like Hell” slogan.