08 Nov 2002, 06:54

So apparently, I’m considering switching

So apparently, I’m considering switching coaxialflutter over to an all ticket stubs, all the time format. I’ve just gotten to go to a lot of great shows recently, that’s all. Like Sigur R&#243s! And Sigur R&#243s! Then, there’s Sigur R&#243s! I enjoyed the show, in case it wasn’t apparent. From what I heard tonight, I think I’ll really like some of the stuff on their new album as well. It was a nice surprise that I got to go, considering the show sold out within a day or so of tickets going on sale back in October. Fortunately, more tickets were released as the format of the show was changed to take advantage of the hugeness of the Mershon Auditorium on campus. It was still nearly packed, and I ended up being seated fairly high in the balcony but I was glad just to have gotten in at all.