27 Oct 2002, 07:29

Wilco did an excellent job

Wilco did an excellent job of making my first trip to the Promowest Pavilion a good one. It was a great show, more expensive that most I go to but well worth it. The set was just about perfect, and I was pleased that they played nearly every song I was hoping they would. Of course it helped that they played for about 2 hours. That’s a nice change of pace from too many shows where it’s over after about an album’s worth of songs. Once again though, man has triumphed over machine and proved that no matter how loud a sound system a venue has, it will never be as loud as the drunk guy hollering along out of tune right behind you. I think I’m going to get rid of my stereo system and replace it with a couple of drunk guys in boxes. It’ll sound horrible, but man will I be able to crank it up. (Note to self: Can’t ever have too much Wilco. Be sure to catch “I am Trying to Break Your Heart” while it’s still at the Drexel.)