15 Oct 2002, 05:38

So last night I went

So last night I went to see Clinic at the Wexner Center with The Standard and the Apples in Stereo opening. The show was actually held entirely on the stage of the huge auditorium there behind the curtain with the audience all on stage and then the bands on a stage on the stage. That was kind of cool, especially with all the stage ropes going up to the high ceiling lit up behind the bands. However, the sound was way way off. What it lacked in quality it made up for in loudness though. Really really loud. Painfully loud. Made me wish I’d remembered to bring earplugs, just like I always mean to but forget to do loud. I don’t know why I didn’t have the common sense to move away from the speakers, but I was really enjoying Clinic and I just stuck it out. Anyway, right after the show I noticed that things weren’t quite right with my ears. There was ringing, of course, but some noises like passing cars sounded like hissing static from a blown speaker. That was a little alarming. I was pretty disturbed by that, and even more so when it hadn’t gone entirely away by the time I woke up this morning. Since then it’s improved, but there’s still a slight high pitched ring in my left ear and things sound a little bit off in it. I’m hoping that it keeps fading, but I’m kind of worried since I’ve never experienced anything like this before even though I’ve been to a lot of loud shows. I’m definitely getting ear plugs.