07 Oct 2002, 17:31

I went to the last

I went to the last day of Oktoberfest yesterday with Jolayne and my roommates. I think we were all expecting some kind of huge open festival loosely centered at several locations spread around German Village. Instead, it was located entirely in a parking lot in the Brewery District near the riverfront. Another unexpected surprise was the $7 admission price, but I guess I should have realized it would have been like that. I was just hoping that it would be a nice community based festival involving beer and bratwurst instead of a giant money sucking vacuum involving beer and bratwurst. Nonetheless, it did involve beer and bratwurst so it was still a fine time. And there was plenty of German music and dancing to go around, so that helped too. Of course, there were chicken hats as well. I almost wish I could understand what connection there might be between Oktoberfest and hats shaped like chickens. Almost.