30 Sep 2002, 01:55

Yesterday Jolayne and I went

Yesterday Jolayne and I went to Cedar Point, and had ourselves a mighty good time. I hadn’t been up there in quite a few years. That place is really amazing. Its got more rollercoasters than you would really think could fit into a land mass that size. Looking at it from an elevated position (something you get more than enough opportunities to do, though usually not for very long) it looks like someone just dropped tons of brightly colored steel bars on it from above. Rollercoasters intertwine and overlap nearly everywhere as it is, but there was even ongoing construction on a new ride in the midst of that. Eventually I think the whole thing is going to be just a solid mass of rollercoaster track with no room for cars or riders. We rode coaster after coaster, but when it came down to it we choked and couldn’t bring ourselves to handle the big one. Maybe next time.