28 Sep 2002, 04:19

Tonight I went to an

Tonight I went to an art show dressed up in my best cowboy outfit. Why? Because, hey… um, cowboys, right? Am I right? Somebody? The truth is I just needed to wear my cowboy vest to something finally. I’d put it off long enough. And sometimes a man just needs to feel like a cowboy. Even if he’s a computer programmer with dainty sensitive hands. Oh, and the art show? Pretty darn good. My friend Lori had a really good painting in it, though I may be a little biased since the subject of the painting happened to be my girlfriend. The show even had an awesome robotics piece built out of tree branches and motors that tried to turn pages in a book and had a camera on the page turning apparatus that projected the image on a wall behind the robot. It was amazing in the way that only failed and inefficient machinery can be. I wished that I could take it home. But that’s not the point. It was all about cowboys, got it?