24 Sep 2002, 04:42

Audiogalaxy lives! Sorta. It seems

Audiogalaxy lives! Sorta. It seems that my dearly departed friend Audiogalaxy has risen from its grave as Rhapsody. It’s not entirely back to life though. It’s more like its joined the ranks of the undead, although without that troublesome appetite for brains. Rhapsody is a file sharing service with a $9.95/month fee, something I would have been more that willing to pay for the original version of Audiogalaxy. However, the new version only features tracks from artists whose labels have approved them to be allowed on the service. The best thing about Audiogalaxy was the ability to grab stuff from any artist that caught my attention, regardless of the label they were on. On Audiogalaxy you could get anything that someone thought was worth sharing. Rhapsody effectively removes this ability by making labels the only arbiter of what’s worth sharing. That just doesn’t seem worth it to me. It’s a shame though, since the $9.95/month is supposed to pay full royalties to artists, record labels, publishers, and songwriters.