20 Sep 2002, 05:52

One of the hardest things

One of the hardest things to deal with at work is with the near constant flood of crap spewed forth from the in-store “radio station”. Its unique brand of annoying songs and grating CompUSA ads really wears on you during a shift. I’m told that there was a time that each store got to choose from several different stations for store music. Then the corporate headquarters decided that there would be only one station, pumping the exact same thing into every CompUSA in America via satellite. It’s that kind of commitment to removing every bit of choice that might add a little happiness to employee lives that makes me proud to work there. Every so often something amazing happens and a Cure song comes on. As long as it’s not interrupted by the voice of that smug bastard announcer reminding me that there’s a great deal on CD-Rs this week, I get to enjoy 4 minutes or so of bliss… Immediately followed by rage and despair as I realize that’s the last good music I’ll hear for the next 8 hours. I’d like to volunteer to be the store DJ. Just let me sit in the back playing songs from my mp3 jukebox. Instead of the ads, I could periodically get on the store intercom and yell “You there! Buy that!”. Yeah, I’m going to pitch that to corporate. I think they’ll love it.