19 Sep 2002, 03:18

It was an exciting day

It was an exciting day at work today. We managed to foil a shoplifting attempt by a complete idiot. This guy came into the store carrying a laptop, which he showed to me at the customer service counter to make sure that someone knew he was bringing it in. He shopped for a while and then checked out, buying about $500 worth of stuff. Before he got out the door though, the front end security guy noticed that he had a laptop bag that we sold and it still had a sticker on it. They checked it out and it had his laptop in it, so he was trying to pass it off like he came in with the bag. However, I only remembered him coming in with the laptop, not the bag also. On top of that, before he checked out the guy had brought up the cardboard packaging for the laptop bag and asked us to throw it away because he “found it lying on the floor”. Right. That was bright. The store manager came up and pointed out that we had him on security camera coming into the store without the bag. At that point, he decided to purchase the bag. However, our security guy checked out all the pockets of the bag and found a copy of an older video game. The guy acted like he had no idea where it had come from and left it in the store. I had no idea why someone would buy $500 of stuff and then steal a $50 bag and a $10 game, but then someone realized that the name he had given us wasn’t the same name that was on the credit card he had used. Given his interesting shopping habits that seemed a little suspicious so someone called and reported the card as possibly stolen. Then we all chased him out of the store with our tiny tiny HP knives. Well we should have, but I was out-voted.