17 Sep 2002, 03:56

They gave us all knives

They gave us all knives at work today. Maybe I should explain. Every so often when a company rep visits the store, they bring cheap little items emblazoned with the company logo. I guess it’s supposed to convince us to sell more of their products. Anyway, today our Hewlett-Packard rep gave us all little tiny keychain pocketknives. I don’t know if that was the best idea for workplace morale and safety. I think it was a none too subtle hint that management would really like to see us all fight to the death with knives. I wouldn’t put it past them. Or maybe we’re supposed to begin practicing a more aggressive form of customer service. (“Our return policy? Yeah, you ever return to this store and I’ll stab you in the eyeball. How’s that?”) It’s that kind of commitment to employee-customer violence that makes me proud to wear that red shirt every day.