11 Oct 2001, 00:31

I’m stuck at work so

I’m stuck at work so I figured I might as well post since I haven’t done that in quite a while. Got a new graphics card last night, and getting it to work proved to be a 3 hour ordeal that ended with me updating my BIOS. Not fun. In addition, I managed to destroy my old graphics card in the removal process. Good thing the new one finally worked. Right now I’m currently in the middle of the interviewing process with Harris and Evans and Sutherland. I’ve had one interview with each company so far, and both seemed to go fairly well and indicate that there would be a follow-up. Both are jobs that I think I’d enjoy, but both would require major relocation, to Florida and Utah respectively. Do I want to move? Not really, but I guess its something I need to consider. I’ll worry about it when I actually manage to get a job offer.