08 Aug 2002, 03:52

Back from Chicago, and I’ve

Back from Chicago, and I’ve decided that I’ve definitely got to move there at some point in the not too distant future. There are many reasons of course, but the clincher is that Chicago’s just the kind of place where Rob Zombie will hold the door for your grandmother on her birthday. Maybe. Let me explain. On Monday we took my grandma out to eat lunch at Ann Sather’s and on the way in we noticed a large bus parked out front. We were all kind of curious about the bus because even though it looked like a tourist bus, it only had a couple windows that were all covered with blinds. Then on our way out, as we were heading out the front door someone was coming in at the same time. It was one of those brief awkward moments where no one’s sure who should go through the door first. After a flicker of hesitation my family seized the moment and headed out the door. As I passed I only got a quick look at the guy, who had long dirty dreadlock-like hair, a goatee, and tattoos. If I’d had any reason to think so I would have thought to myself “Hey, that looks a lot like Rob Zombie”, but of course I didn’t… yet. Then as we were passing the bus that we were discussing earlier, my mom spotted a valet or something coming off and decided to ask what kind of bus it was. “It’s for a rock band.” he replied. Overhearing this, a guy standing near by jumped in and asked what band. The valet replied, “Rob Zombie, you just missed him by a few seconds.” And he pointed back up the street in the direction of the restaurant we had just left. So there you have it. I think that Rob Zombie held the door open for my family, but I can never be sure and that uncertainty will slowly but surely drive me mad. Still from now on if I see Rob on the MTV singing about the undead and whatnot I’ll just think “Sorry Rob, I’m not buying it.” I’ll know that deep down he’s a real sweetie that can’t help but be a gentleman to a sweet old lady out with her family. Kudos, Rob Zombie, kudos.