02 Aug 2002, 04:33

The latest release candidate of

The latest release candidate of Winamp3 is the first one I’ve really gotten excited about, and I do mean excited. After four previous candidates that just didn’t quite seem up to it, this one comes really really close to being everything I was hoping for. There are still a few minor quirks and things that I don’t know if I like, but at this point I haven’t found any real bugs to complain about. I’m sure all the Nullsoft developers are breathing a sigh of relief that it’s now Will Gorman Approved&#8482 At the very least I’m sure my friend Tobin is just grateful that I won’t be whining and complaining about how terrible all the release candidates are anymore. It’s not totally ready, but lets just say that if (and God forbid) Winamp2 were tragically lost at sea during a polar research voyage I could pick up the shattered pieces of my life and get along quite nicely with Winamp3 instead.