02 Oct 2001, 20:29

godspeed you black emperor! wow.

godspeed you black emperor! wow. I was going to post right after the show last night but I was just too tired. There ended up being an opening band, and godspeed played for over 2 hours so I didn’t get back till 1 am. Damn artsy types, staying up all hours. I’m old and cranky and I couldn’t skip my 8:30 class. The show itself was really amazing, especially the film aspects of their show. I’ve seen other bands try to incorporate background projections into their shows and it just never impressed me, but gybe! managed to come up with some really interesting expressive imagery that just fit the feel of their show perfectly. Also when they went into full on rock mode, it was incredible. I’m quite lucky to have survived. The Wexner center happens to be a great place for shows as it turns out. Its not sweaty, smokey, and stinky. The crowd was also pretty different from what I’m used to for the average show. It was a sold out show, but between songs and sets you could talk at a normal level without having to yell. No drunk people shouting out song titles here. Of course, maybe it was just due to the obscurity of gybe!’s song titles. The only songs that I recognized were a greatly altered much more rocking version of the Dead Flag Blues, Moya, and BBF3. Hopefully, they were playing a lot of new stuff. The only downside to the whole evening was that I convinced my friend Ben to go, even though he had never heard gybe! and as it ended up it wasn’t really his sort of thing. I felt bad that it went on so long for his sake.


Comment by Benjamin Lewis on 2004-09-01 19:57:37 +0000

Hey Will reading up on some of your past posts. I remember the GSYBE show I liked it but I am even older then you. So withouth a chair to sit my lazy butt in I got tired. Also I worked a full time job at that were I stood all day so that is my explination. And as far as the video it was cool and all but very reminiscent of that seen in American Beauy where the dude shows the video of the bag floating around. It was like that but with birds circling around a little to artsie.