30 Sep 2001, 07:18

Saw Zoolander tonight, and it

Saw Zoolander tonight, and it was definitely funny but not that often laugh-out-loud-funny which was a little disappointing. Of course, I’d already seen half of the punchlines over and over in previews so that probably had something to do with it. Between this movie and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, I’m slowly starting to forgive Will Ferrell for his previous crimes against humanity. A little. (Insert clever segue here) I’ve finally made the decision to drop my mechanical engineering class and take another quarter of school. I guess now I should make sure I let the school in on this, huh? Finally, is DeviantArt ever going to get moved to their new servers? Every day I keep stopping by hoping that they actually have the bandwidth for me to download wallpapers and skins to waste my time with but they still don’t. I’m just too impatient.