15 Jul 2002, 03:53

I just got my Cornerstone

I just got my Cornerstone photos developed, and ended up with a few decent shots in spite of only having a disposable camera. About half of the roll went to both of the Havalina shows (like the image above), but the pictures I did get made me wish that I had a video camera there. Every time I see them play it always puts a big dumb grin on my face, especially watching Orlando, the bass player. He’s one of the craziest bassists I’ve ever seen and I mean that in the best way possible. If I ever tried to pull even half of the stuff he does on stage I’d wind up flat on my face and completely lost. During the end of their second show he managed to break one of the tuning heads off of his electric bass in the process of flinging himself to the ground and bouncing back up several times. Needless to say, I was impressed.