07 Jul 2002, 21:13

…and we’re back. It’s been

…and we’re back. It’s been quite a week for me and it feels good to finally be back at home and relaxing. I left on the 27th of last month planning on being gone for 3 days and instead ended up coming back 9 days later. The original plan was to meet some of my mom’s side of the family in Indiana and then return Saturday. Instead, I got completely sidetracked and ended up spending last week at the Cornerstone music festival in Bushnell Illinois with 3 of my cousins. They had enough extra room for me, and I didn’t really have anything I needed to do that week so I decided to go get me some rock and roll. The festival ran Tuesday through Saturday but we got there Sunday evening and had an extra day of camping. Speaking of camping, it was pretty rough going the week with the clothes I’d brought just for the weekend, but I survived and it was worth it for all the rock. I do have a new found appreciation for the little things like air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and electrical outlets. The whole week went by without any rain or even many clouds in the sky so it was like an oven out there. I got to see Starflyer 59, who I’d been dying to see for almost 5 years, the always amazing Havalina, and the indescribably wonderful Danielson Famile. Then there were 3 bands (Poor Old Lu, Luxury, Roadside Monument) I thought I’d never get a chance to see due to breakups that had reformed. Just those bands alone would have made it worth it for me but I got to check out a ton of others as well, some of which were pretty good. Out of about 250 bands there I probably saw about 25. There definitely weren’t as many bands there that I was interested in as when I went 4 years ago, but it was still really great to be there. Even though I tried to budget my spending, I ended up spending 3 times as much on cds as I told myself I would. Whoops. All I had for picture taking was one disposable camera, but hopefully I got some pretty good shots. The photo at the top of the page features from right to left, myself, my cousin Caleb, and an unknown large sweaty man. It was taken in the Cornerstone general store where we often exchanged money for wonderful bags of ice. It was found online here, from where I promptly stole it. So anyway, I’m back and recovering from a massive dose of rock (and rashes and blisters). I’m getting too old for this.