27 Jun 2002, 19:56

Man, I’ve got this whole

Man, I’ve got this whole unemployment thing down and it didn’t even take me a week. I’m so good at it I should put it on my resume and make a point to mention it at interviews. “Yes, I could do an excellent job working for your company, but I’d also be very good at not working for you. You win either way.” It goes something like this: wake up around 11, eat giant bowl of rice krispies, play Neverwinter Nights and/or Warcraft3, ignore nagging self doubt and sense of impending doom, remind myself that I’m looking for a job, briefly browse online job sites and find nothing promising, roommates arrive home from work, play Neverwinter Nights and/or Warcraft3 with roommates, sleep. With a packed schedule like this, its easy to see why I haven’t been posting here as often.