22 Jun 2002, 18:40

Minority Report

Since I have yet to hear back from CoreComm about finishing up my interview, I’m going to assume that they’re trying to give me a hint here. However, being notoriously bad at taking hints I still plan on giving them a call Monday just to see if I’m still in consideration or not. It’d be really nice to find out that I still have a chance, especially since I’m now in the last 5 hours of my employment at the Student Computer Centers. I can’t believe I’ve worked here four years, but since this is the best paying job I’ve ever found for doing nothing I shouldn’t be too surprised that I stuck around this long.

I saw Minority Report last night, and really enjoyed it. I’d say its easily the best Philip K. Dick adaptation since Blade Runner. Of course, that may be a given considering that competitors for that title are films like Impostor and Total Recall. At any rate, I thought the film was at its most intersting when it was dealing with the paradox of knowing the future vs. changing the future. Predesitination vs free will. Now there’s a good fun Philip K. Dickian subject. Unfortunately, just when it was getting good it kind of skirted the issue and turned into a straightforward murder mystery. Even so, I can’t really complain and I still think it did justice to the source.