28 Sep 2001, 00:17

I haven’t tried this yet,

[]1I haven’t tried this yet, because it won’t work here at work, but Deskswap looks pretty cool. Aside from the horrible security liability of letting everyone in the world see what you left open on your desktop when you went out for some Kung Pao chicken that is. Meanwhile, I’m currently up in the air as to whether or not I should forge ahead and graduate this quarter, or back off a little bit to give myself more time for the job search and graduate winter quarter. What to do, what to do??? If I wait a quarter it means I get to take some classes I wanted to but thought I couldn’t, like CIS 782 (3D graphics) and Art 455 (Holography). Very tempting. However, more loan debt is not so tempting so I remain undecided at this point. All this matters very little however in light of the fact that I will most likely be destroyed by the musical apocalypse of godspeed you black emperor! this coming Monday at the Wexner. Could I be any more excited? The answer is in fact, no I could not.