23 May 2002, 03:04

My job search still hasn’t

My job search still hasn’t come up with anything promising yet, which is getting pretty discouraging. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to get anyone interested in me. I don’t get it. I state very clearly up front that I’d be willing to kill for money if the job requires it, and yet no one ever gets back to me after I send them my resume. Its starting to look like I won’t find a job before the Student Computer Centers kick me out. How soon is that? Let’s take a look. Hmmm, it just seems to keep going down. That’s no good. I’m not out of hope yet, even though it seems I’ve checked just about everywhere I can think of. I’ve just recently applied with

TekSystems and Manpower, which might end up placing me with some temporary contract work. It would certainly be better than not having a job and I would still be getting experience, even if it might not be necessarily in the areas I’m interested in.