17 May 2002, 04:51

*Ahem* Alright, now that I’ve

*Ahem* Alright, now that I’ve had some time to calm myself down and to test out the Nomad 3 I think I’m a little better shape to write about it. Lets just say it lived up to its expectations and then some. I would highly recommend this little beauty to anyone who has a decently sized cd collection. The sheer joy of just knowing that I can listen to any of my albums anywhere is great enough, but then I’m kind of a dork that way so it may not apply for everyone. The device is even smaller than I was expecting, in fact its smaller than my old cd player. Sure, it may not be as sexy as the iPod but the extra space is worth it for me. The firewire connection is so amazingly fast, I was able to get all of my albums transferred over in minutes. I don’t even want to think about how long that would have taken over USB. The interface on the device is fairly smart and definitely easy to use, and it automatically organizes files in a very convenient way. All I’ve had to do is just copy my files over, I haven’t had to do any kind of arranging or cleaning up which is a very very good thing with about 3500 files.