04 May 2002, 08:41

I went “extreme” bowling tonight,

I went “extreme” bowling tonight, with all the lasers and black lights and annoying music, and land mines. Ok see, not the land mines. In fact I’d say the actual level of extremeness fell somewhere between extreme doritos and mountain dew. In my mind, it would be extreme bowling if the balls exploded every now and then, and then there were giant swinging blades that would randomly take people’s heads off. Monkeys should also be involved in some as yet unspecified capacity. The kids these days, they don’t know extreme. When I got back, I found that my roommate Scott had just built a custom mouse tray to slide out from under the keyboard tray of my desk. Its really great. Now that’s extreme. There are definitely advantages to living with a guy that just builds his own furniture for the fun of it.