02 May 2002, 04:09

I’ve been looking for a

I’ve been looking for a coding project to work on for a while now, and it looks like I’ve finally got one but it may be too much of a project. Dana, Neal, and I are talking about working together on a game, just an old school side scroller Metroid style. We got together and talked about it for several hours tonight, and while I think we could pull it off, I’m still kind of skeptical that anything will come out of it though. Neal and I are both pretty sharp code monkeys, and Dana can pump out some graphics but its still a lot of work for just the three of us. Maybe I should open it up as a project on Sourceforge. Actually, as long as I can get familiar with DirectX programming out of this I think I’ll consider it a success. Anything extra will just be a bonus. Hopefully that’s not too pessimistic, but at this point all we’ve really got is an idea and not a lot of experience.