19 Sep 2001, 02:35

Where did I go? Well

Where did I go? Well that seems like a rather odd question, considering that if you’re reading this odds are that you’re me, because I can’t really see anyone else reading this. If you’re asking and you’re not me, well then piss off, its none of your business now is it? No no, I kid. The truth is that I haven’t posted for 4 days because I’m starting to question the need for this, as it turns out that my life really isn’t too interesting. But then you knew that, didn’t you?

Lately: Wolfenstein Multiplayer Test. Whee! All I have to say is that the flamethrower is more fun than something of that nature should be allowed to be.

As it so happens, I start my final quarter of school tomorrow. Whee? I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. I’ll keep you posted. Due to my new removed from campus location I had to buy a parking pass today, and do you know what? They didn’t mention anything about the ticket that I got last year. Screw you porkchop! I have defeated the system, and I do believe I deserve a Tofutti Cutie for my efforts.

Now, lets check who’s reading their referrer logs: Brett? Just curious to see if it works or not. In case it does: Hi Brett. Your blog is super rad.

Finally, a note to myself: You ordered the skull shirt from Diesel Sweeties today. Congratulations you magnificent bastard. Expect it in 3-4 weeks.