25 Apr 2002, 16:00

Mirah’s “Cold, Cold Water” has

Mirah’s “Cold, Cold Water” has been on near constant repeat in my playlist the past few days. Its just that unbelievably good. This is easily going to be one of my favorite songs of the year, no contest. The night I downloaded it I must have listened to it at least 10 times. Its the greatest thing when a spur of the moment random download ends up being just way more incredible than you were expecting. I really need to pick up her Advisory Committee cd, because if the rest of it is even half as good as that one song it’ll be a great album. Phil Elvrum, who’s done some pretty amazing stuff with the Microphones, coproduced and the results are impressive. On “Cold, Cold Water” the effect of the huge, expansive, spaghetti western movie score style production meeting up with Mirah’s wonderfully sweet, intimate vocals is just about perfect. Beyond the great production though, its really Mirah’s voice and lyrics that make this song so great. When she sings, “I’m so number one that its a shame, that you let other numbers in the game”, I believe it. Wow.