24 Apr 2002, 06:09

I’m sore. Lots of sore

I’m sore. Lots of sore going on here. Just one big pile of aching, out of shape muscles. Monday night I went to my first ever kung fu lesson. No, seriously. I am now an elite kung fu warrior of death, and just a few lessons away from being a ninja, which would be totally sweet. A while ago my friend Jolayne mentioned that she’d been wanting to try kung fu, and since I’ve always wanted to turn my body into an unstoppable weapon of destruction I decided to join in. Our teacher was Master Matt, who seems like the sort of really nice guy who, it just so happens, could easily smash your face in before you could blink. I had a good time at the lesson though, and I think I’m going to sign up for lessons once a week. I’m not so much interested in learning to fight actually, I figure that’s pretty useless for me. What I do like though are all the forms and stances, the control and discipline. I think that they’re really interesting to learn and since I’m generally a pretty uncoordinated person, I’m hoping this might help offset that. Maybe. So far all I’ve learned is how out of shape I am. Still, everyone had better watch out because soon Jolayne and I will be destroying people’s souls with our kung fu technique. As soon as we can move our legs again.