16 Apr 2002, 03:28

I finally got around to

I finally got around to finishing my MeFi Swap cd mix that I need to send out to five people ASAP. I haven’t recieved any cds yet, or heard from anyone that’s supposed to send one to me, so I hope people haven’t just lost interest, but they’re probably like me and just took a while to get around to making and burning the mix. I hope to pick up some padded envelopes and get mine in the mail tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure what I think of my mix, and I’m not really the most accomplished mix taper in the world. It doesn’t really have a clever theme or feel to it, but I think its not a bad mix in terms of song quality and flow. Naturally, I had to close it with Back and Forth by the Dismemberment Plan, one of my favorite D-Plan songs which I’ve always thought made an incredible album closing song as well as a great song to listen to in the spring time. Also, it took some restraint but I managed to make an entire mix without putting a single song on by the Smiths or Morrissey. I think that’s a first. The entire mix is:

Starflyer 59 – I Drive a Lot
Jawbox – Excandescent
Bedhead – Extramundane
Whiskeytown – Reasons to Lie
Frodus – Out-Circuit the Ending
Max Tundra – Cakes
The Sea and Cake – Sporting Life
The New Pornographers – Letter from an Occupant
Burning Airlines – Wheaton Calling
The Birthday Party – Mr. Clarinet
Havalina Rail Co. – 2/4
Pixies – Hey
Yo la Tengo – Cherry Chapstick
Morella’s Forest – Lush of Spring
Archer Prewitt – Raise on High
Beulah – Silverado Days
The Dismemberment Plan – Back and Forth