11 Apr 2002, 15:47

My fate is sealed. I

My fate is sealed. I have crossed the point of no return and stepped up to the ultimate level of geekiness. I have added a second monitor to my computer. Hey, at least I’m not trying to go for 3. Some people do that you know. Losers. Not like me at all. Maybe buying a second monitor sounds a little wasteful to you, but its all part of my brilliant plan. See, by buying a monitor I’m helping the slumping tech ecomony, the very ecomony that I hope will someday employ me. Yes, by buying a second monitor I have virtually assured employment for myself. Genius! And besides, once you’ve tried working with two monitors, you can never go back. Its just that good. Unfortunately, this addition was not without casualties. Windows2000 just wouldn’t cooperate with my two monitor plan, possibly in an attempt to save me from my own geekiness. I loved Windows2000 dearly, but I had to kill it. I finally went to WindowsXP and everything went great and my two monitors are happy and HOLY CRAP WHY DOES MY DESKTOP LOOK LIKE A FISHER PRICE PLAYSET??!! After much tweaking and prodding and turning off of useless annoying crap I think I’ve started to warm up to XP, basically by turning it back into Windows2000. I loved Windows2000, did I mention that?

My beautiful new DPlan/DCFC poster just arrived in the mail. Talk about a good looking poster, I love this thing. The sad thing is, I’m guessing that they had this for sale at the show but I just missed it entirely there. Instead, I had to order mine from Barsuk records.