30 Mar 2002, 03:29

Motivated by cool Winamp plugins

Motivated by cool Winamp plugins like SpyAmp (which actually runs a webserver out of Winamp and lets people see your current song and even download it… too bad it gave me a blue screen o’ death when I tried it) and MusicTicker I decided to have a go at writing a plugin to make your currently playing winamp song show up in your AIM profile. It seemed straight forward enough, but I hadn’t been able to track down anything like it and I wondered why anyone hadn’t made one before. I found out soon enough though. Writing a plugin to get Winamp to spit out a song title in an html file would be simple, and since the AIM profile is stored as an html file locally it seemed that overwriting that with the file from Winamp would do the trick. Unfortunately, it looks like AIM caches your profile and only refreshes it if you change it through the client program. It does no good to edit the html file behind its back. I suppose that doesn’t make it impossible, but I can’t seem to think of a way around it right now.


Comment by Chris on 2005-03-30 19:55:48 +0000

BuddyAMP has been around for a while now, and does exactly what you’ve been trying to do.