20 Mar 2002, 18:10

Time for a little mix

Time for a little mix cd action all over the place. The Burn Baby, Burn! weblog cd swap seems like a really cool idea, and I’m on the verge of entering just as soon as I decide whether I can come up with a decent “summer themed” mix to fit the requirements. Receiving random music from total strangers should be an interesting experience. Meanwhile, a more generalized Metafilter version seems to be slowly taking shape, which could also be worth checking out. And finally, there’s the shadowy, yet-to-be-launched, SecretDJ. That one looks to be more of an ongoing mix cd swap project rather than a one time deal, but they don’t have much info on it yet. I’d better start brushing up on the art of the mix. Good thing I’ve finally finished ripping all my cds, that should really simplify the selection process (As a side note, its great to be able to just open 200+ cds in a winamp playlist and stick it on random. I’m listening to stuff now that I hadn’t played in ages and falling in love all over again.)