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It’s been kind of nice having the same number for the past 5 years, even if it was with a Columbus area code here in Kansas City.  However, thanks to AT&T that’s no longer the case (and I suppose Apple shares some blame for leaving me with no other option but AT&T) and now I’ve got to remember any important things I registered for with my old number to update it, not to mention getting it out to friends and family.  I’ve sent out emails but I’m sure there’s people I’ve missed.  So, if you’ve still got a 614 number for me, that’s no longer the right one.  Send me an email or leave a comment and I’ll get you updated.

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  • You should have been able to roll your number over to the new company. It is actually a law.

  • Yeah, that’s what I thought too. Turns out the law is only applicable to changing service providers in the same area. It’s really just local number portability. Since we had Columbus numbers, AT&T in Kansas City wasn’t required to let us port them, and so they didn’t.

  • you should come over to Sprint. Visit my forums and I’ll give you some info on some Friends and Family style pricing I can do for you. 😉

  • Sorry man, I was a loyal Sprint customer for almost 6 years but the new iPhone got me to jump ship. I’d still really rather be with Sprint but it didn’t seem like they were going to get the iPhone any time soon and Google’s Android phones are still a ways off as well.

  • oh you got an iPhone on AT&T ouch, I’m sorry to hear that. Well if you get sick of dealing with using a good phone on a crappy network, take another look at Sprint. We’ve got the best 3G network and some good phone with more fun stuff on the way.

    Check out the new HTC phone coming next month

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